As Myron Hasler in The Pajama Game, with Renata Eastlick and Robert Anthony Jones.  Gallery Players, November 2013.  (Photo by Francis Heaney)
As Pop Williams in The Pajama Game, with Jamie Westberry.  Gallery Players, November 2013.  (Photo by Francis Heaney)
Vanya Goes Vegas, part of ARTC Winterworks 2016, with Eric Percival (r) and Deb Armelino. (l)
With Ron Bopst in Catching Up, part of the  2016 EAT New Works Series.
With Angela Bowen, Taylor D. Martin and Paul Walling in Living Together by Alan Ayckbourn at the Amateur Comedy Club. (June, 2016)
With Patrick Porter, Todd Flaherty and Chad Austin in a benefit reading of The West Street Gang, by Doric Wilson at the Eagle Bar. (August, 2016)
As "Frederick Arnott" in The Snarks production of Enchanted April at the Amateur Comedy Club, with Cyrus Newitt, Jeannie Dalton, and Rebecca Downs. (March, 2017)
Marc as "Sigmund Freud" in On the Couch by Ellen Abrams.  Directed by Helen Eisenbach, also for the EAT New Work Series.  With Sally Sockwell (r) as "Sid Id."  (October, 2017)
Marc as "Frank" in The Pharm Awards by Kate McLeod and directed by Melissa Attebery for the fall 2017 EAT New Works Series.  With (from left) Geany Masai, Lue McWilliams, Rebecca De Ornelas and Phyllis Cox.  (October, 2017)
With Ralph Petrarca in Much Ado About Nothing  at the Secret Theatre, February, 2013
With Shaun Bennet Wilson and Cash Tilton in The Letter by Chuck Rose, part of Emerging Artists Fall EATfest 2007.
As French Director "Jean-Maxim" in Play On by Emily Mitchell in Emerging Artist's Fall EATfest 2009, with Irene Longshore.
With Wayne Henry in A Shining Pair of Complications by J. Stephen Brantley at the Universal Theatre Festival, Provincetown MA (January, 2012)
As "Martin" in Martin are you Mad at Me? with Deb Armelino, Emerging Artists EATfest 2007.
As transgendered sexworker/stenographer "Trula Jones" in Disco vs the NYPD by Jonathan Ruening at Emerging Artists Theatre. (May, 2013)
As "Peterson" in Edenville by Gregory Fletcher in Emerging Artist's Double Decker Workshop. ( February, 2005) With Shane Jacobsen.
As "Elliot" in My Great Dead Sister by Arthur Bicknell, dirceted by Norman Rene.  With Charles Michael Wright.  (The Production Company, 1978, 1980)
As "Curtis" in My Great Dead Sister reading with Julie Halston. (Beautiful Soup Collective Benefit, September, 2012)
As "John" in The Lion in Winter at the Playhouse on the Mall in Paramus, NJ.  (l to r) June Prud'homme, Peter Giuliano, John Schmedes, Marc Castle. (March, 1981)
As "Madame Nash" in Peter Parnell's Romance Language at Playwrights Horizons with Ben Siegler.  1984-85.
In Jacques Brel... at the Playhouse on the Mall, Paramus, NJ.  With Vicky Delaney.  March, 1981.
As "The Hustler" in A Mass Murder in the Balcony of the Ritz-Rialto. Sept, 1975.
Marc as six very different characters in Deadly Stages,  (Feb-March, 2024)
Marc Castle as "Sam Munson" in Richard Ploetz's The Country Play as Theatre for the New City.  May 2023.
ARTC's Love & Loss - A Salon.  Left: With Eric Percival in Unheard by Glenn Altermann.  Upper right: With Suzanne Toren in Second Nature by Bill Cosgriff.  Lower right: With Alexandra Cortese, Caryn Osofsky and Eric Percival in Expectations by Shirley Sergent. (May, 2024)