"Mr. Company" won five awards in the American Globe Theatre's 15 Minute Play Festival! Audience favorite plus honorable mentions for best play, best direction, best actor and best actress!
Marc performed 3 separate roles in The Pajama Game at the Gallery Players in Brooklyn, October 12-November 10th, 2013.
Marc's new short play, "Fair Rosaline" was presented at the American Renaissance Theatre Company's Spring Reading Series 2014 on June 17th at the CAP 21 Theater starring Karen Stanion and Megan Greener.

Marc's short play, "What Would Jesus Do?" was part of the Unchained Festival at the Chain Theater in Long Island City, and was a finalist for Best Play, Best Director and Best Actress.  Happy to announce that Cari McHugh won the Best Actress Prize!

Marc was one of the performers for "The Billie Holiday Songbook"at the Beautiful Soup Theatre Benefit on 7/27/14.

Deb Armelino and Marc Castle in "Vanya Goes Vegas," part of the ARTC Winterworks 2016 Festival of Short Plays.  Opening January 9th at the Shop at Cap 21.
Marc's play, CATCHING UP, will be part of the EAT New Works Festival on March 18th at 7pm.  Directed by Steven Petrillo, it stars Ron Bopst and the author himself.
Marc can be seen as "Reg" in the Snarks production of Living Together at the Amateur Comedy Club from June 6-12 2016.

Marc recently played "Bill Bender" in a benefit reading of Doric Wilson's The West Street Gang for TOSOS at the Eagle Bar. 

    "I must, however, give special mention for overall excellence,
total commitment, and unwaveringly consistent characterizations to
Marc Castle’s spicy and scrappy Bill Bender—what’s in a name?
—the old alcoholic enthroned on the same barstool for 20 years;"
                                     Thaddeus Motyka, QONSTAGE.COM
Marc will be playing "Frederick Arnott' in Enchanted April for the Snarks March 6th-12th at the Amateur Comedy Club.
Marc will be performing Josh Drimmer's monologue Several Thousand Dollars Of Tortellini in ARTC's Winter Reading Series on March 1st.
Marc was just awarded The Jerry Kaufman Award's Citation for Excellence and a Developmental Grant for his series of short plays: Mr. Company and Other Inventions.
Marc will be doing two short plays in the Emerging Artists New Works Series.  THE PHARM AWARDS on October 7, 2017 @ 7:00pm and as Sigmund Freud in ON THE COUCH on October 19th @ 9:00pm.

Marc recently performed the role of "Joseph" in a reading of Renee' Flemings' The Jam at Luna Stage. Here with director Summer Reyes and co-stars Tasha Williams, Brigitte Barnett-Loftus and David Marantz.
Marc with Deb Armelino (l) and Donna Kaz (r) at the ARTC Fundraiser performing "Christmas Is..." from Marc's musical, Love Incorporated. (Oct. 2017)
Megan Greener, Daniel Kirby and Alexandra Curren in Triple Play, part of ARTC's "Look Me In the Eyes." (January, 2018)
Marc performing his One Man Show, One Brief Shining Moment, in an evening with Sally Sockwell and Lue McWilliams in his short play, Deliberate Cruelties.
Marc performed in a presentation about Jerome Robbins, reading from Robbin's personal diaries and papers for the NY Public Library for the Performing Arts. (August 2018)
Marc played the part of "Hastings" in a concert reading of She Stoops to Conquer for the Triangle Theatre Company opposite  Stephanie Curtiss as "Miss Neville."  (June 2018)
Marc plays Darryl in Final Reckoning a filmed production of short plays by Jack Neary.  It is being edited and will be out, hopefully, in January.  (August 2020)
Marc can be seen in Andrew Heinze's Exit Strategies with Gerry Sanseviero, part of ARTC's Zooming In.  (Nov, 2020)
The Zoom reading of Deadly Stages, by Marc Castle and Mark Finley.  From top left: Mary Stout (Dooney), Marc Castle (Playwright), David Leeper (Graham), Jeremy Beck (Tony), Sean Chandler (SD), Gail Dennison (Barbara), Joseph Callari (Marvin), Ryan Hillard (Fritz), Ellen Reilly (Veronica), JJ Parkey (Wade), Jenne Vath (Connie), Leslie Kendall Dye (Phoebe), Bart Tandredi (Joe), Mark Finley (Playwright), Karen Stanion (Rita).  (September 2020)
Deadly Stages, written by Marc and Mark Finley, was presented in a semi-staged reading for Emerging Artists New Works Festival on October 8th, 2021.  Pictured left to right: Ellen Reilly, Marc Castle, Christopher Borg, Karen Stanion, Mark Finley, Sean Chandler, David Leeper and Steven Hauck.
Industry reading of "Deadly Stages" at Theatre Row in May, 2022.  (l to r:) Marc Castle, James Patterson, David Leeper, Dani Marcus, Ellen Reilly, Jay Russell.
Marc Castle played "Sam Munson" in Richard Ploetz's The Country Play as Theatre for the New City.  May 2023.  With (l to r:) Nick Ruggeri, Elizabeth Alice Murray, Lue McWilliams and Steve Macarus.
Deadly Stages opened off-Broadway on February 25th 2024 at Theatre Row for a month long run.  Pictured: Dani Marcus, David Leeper, Rob Hancock, Tom Galantich, Marc Castle, and Ellen Reilly.
Staged reading of Idee Fixe.  (l to r) Ezra Barnes, Christopher Lee, Kathleen Swan,(prod.) Joe Sutton (playwright) Alex Keegan (dir.) Marc Castle, David Rosenberg, Suzanne Toren and Ruby Hankey. (March 24th, 2024)
The Cast of Love & Loss - A Salon:  (l to r) Eric Percival, Marc Castle, Anne Newhall, Deb Armelino, Catherine Boyd, Caryn Osofsky, Alexandra Cortese and Suzanne Toren.  (May, 2024)